In the beginning

No, really. slow Down!
Slow down !

This is my  very first post. It’s about life and death. It’s not about granola, life  hacks, or how to find the perfect hair cut for a square face.

It is quite simple really just  about me and my  little life, in my corner of the world ( Uk) (very near Trees) and all my thoughts, daydreams,  feelings, &  random bimblings   ( often with photos as I adore photography) & truthful stories about my life. I might throw in some quotes and poems along the way as words inspire and give me great comfort & strength when my own verbal repertoire is tired or I am cognitively unavailable.

You see, not so very long ago it was nearly snatched from me, a near brush with death due to Sepsis (probably another blog) literally had me waving and screaming goodbye  from the light and joy that is my  life… I collapsed onto Cranky the Crane, in my beloved sons Bedroom as he slept peacefully on as my near death  drama unfolded around him. You’ve guessed the outcome as I’m not communicating from the other side.

( I’m not, honestly. You can’t get Wifi from heaven ….)

Pause …..

( that sounds idyllic!!!!….)

(Ps :  I can’t neither confirm or deny if you can get wifi from heaven, you can’t even get it from here some days, if it rains, what with my little house being in a dip ….)  are you still there?  I am ….

The terrifying blackhole of death was sidestepped by timely wonderful NHS medical intervention but not without consequences. So perhaps this is a story/ blogs  about getting back to wellness and creating a new but slower life?

SLOW?  slow wasn’t even in my vocabulary until the sepsis stole my wellness)  but that’s a whole other rambling story about acceptance….

I have  always clung onto life and lived it with zest and pace. I wanted my life to begin quicker than everyone  expected and I arrived quickly at 3months premature back in 1978.

They read me the last rights and swaddled me tight. I clung on and clung on and now  38 years later, I’m still here on this beautiful planet.  Patience has never been one of my attributes, but  I’m a work in progress!

So, yes, I digress, but I did lead you to the very ,very  beginning and back in less than 500 words, see, I can be speedy in the virtual world?!

If starting is always the hardest part then I am over that now, having written quite a few lines and lived for 3 decades this far.  Yes, it’s great to begin but I disagree, I think  that the hardest part, quite often,  in life, is not at the very beginning at all but actually the very every day hum drum, hum,  drum,  moresome of keeping up and continuing. Continuing with this thing called living and … ( drum roll) … well!

Keeping on, now that is  the hard part in life, dealing with the NOW, and the  very nearly now, the today, the next week,the Tommorow, the unknown future.  Yet still  we all hurtle forwards as the world turns feeling like our life is   forever and infinite, but of course it isn’t.

Mortality is just a word until you are faced with its counterpart and we quickly  realise immorality doesn’t have a name tag for you, or it’s swinging on the wrong side of forevermore…. And  so the momentum of living and not only living but flourishing is probably something we don’t all tend to think about until they are abruptly and without consent removed from our  list of blessings.

Things are either  going well or they are not,  or a mixture of both, life is not linear but we keep on keeping on because what else can you do? …..

So to start is easy, to continue and keep continuing in the pursuit of being the best version of you, and enjoying your one and only chance at living, that’s the hardest part of life.

” life is an art, it takes faith, love and courage”

What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by ….

To be continued ….