Seize the day! Tomorrow?!

  • 1st January 2018

“The possibilities are endless…….”

Welcome to Page 1 of 365, a brand new day, a new dawn on 2018, the page is blank and dear human  “The possibilities are endless!” Let’s shimmy  in Moloko suggesting that  “The time is now!”  So, now is not the time to put off what you can do today, for tomorrow, oh no you must Seize the moment, but maybe later, after a latte?

 Actually,  how about we all just slow down a little and  nurture the lost art of doing nothing?

 I am thinking more  snooze the day than seize the day,  A Carpe Diem PAUSE?! A slow the moment instead? Whose in?

 I remember this quiet  “non”activity from before the age of mindless scrolling on our devices, & losing half an hour  or more of our precious  lives on Amazon/ Argos/ Facebook / Tinder  looking at …..( insert appropriate/ inappropriate  object/ person/ crush/desire ….)

  I once lost 40 minutes looking at different types of kitchen swing bins, what!? True story… and it’s ridiculous.

( I only spent 10 mins in Wilko buying the actual thing! )

what has happened to the lost art of just doing NOTHING?…no phone in hand .. no immediate task to do … …no evil email envelope icon  flashing at you, daring you to respond in under 10minutes then   inundated with more   … maybe say  we just day dream, sit quiet just thinking, watching rain drops fall, clouds float by, stroking the dog, cat, partner?!,  watching the actual bloody weather from a window and not just an app?! Maybe we just be?

I recall Journeys where staring out of the train window and watching the trees and headgerows whizz past  was ok, being ever so slightly bored was ok, silence was ok, hands still, and my favourite pastime was to  casually  inappropriately  stare at other interesting humans on train platform as they bimbled about their day.  Maybe eyes catch a glance and make a reciprocal smile or dare I suggest we share the odd words, conversations and unrehearsed unedited chatter  with our fellow humans?

Now it’s just eyes down, screen time from start to finish. Have you noticed how quiet the morning  train is these days?

It seems people only engage with their hand held device?

We are Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling our  life away, I’m very guilty of it.

It’s got to stop! I’m Alting the Apple, I am stepping away from the blue light!

 I’ve decided 2018 is the year of the digital diet, a curfew on virtual reality, and so  the Facebook app has been removed for 1 month ( Now!)  and instead I’m going to read more books, blogs, magazines , take more photos using my camera, hug more trees,  and stare with curious eyes at everything!

I’m actually going to call my friends and amaze them with my verbal communication skills! Yes, chat rather than send a text or Facebook messages, but not for too long as it’s not my thing at all ,weirdly, I don’t like talking on the phone and I’m a total chatter box face to face! But  further more  I’m going to write more.  Infact I just did!…….See, the possibilities really are endless!